Plain English Communications specialises in expressing complex concepts in clear, easily understandable, reader-friendly language. Principal, Jan Bowen, has been at the forefront of the plain language movement for over two decades. She is one of the biggest selling authors in Australia and has written some 30 books, many of them explaining the law to the general community. Corporate work includes client communications, reports, tenders and submissions, codes of practice, policies and procedures manuals, brochures, legal precedents, firm profiles, newsletters, health and safety manuals, business correspondence.

Plain English Communications can either work on specific projects or carry out a company document audit, producing a report on how company communications, precedents and documents can be reworked to reflect the professionalism and client focus of your organisation.

Plain English Communications also organises seminars and workshops for company personnel, so that they can incorporate better written communication into their business life.

If required Plain English Communications can tutor individual members of staff in better written communication.

Clients include law firms, major financial institutions, insurance companies, technology companies, a UK firm of transport consultants, an international banking consultancy and a car park operator as well as federal and state government offices.

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